Competitive Development

This program is by invitation only and is designed for children who have demonstrated a physical and mental aptitude and have the desire to learn at a more rigorous pace. These classes focus on developing higher gymnastic skills in combination with the goal of one day being invited to join one of our Competitive Team Programs.

In order to participate Gymnasts must commit to 2 practices per week, all year round.


(Ages 4-5)

This class is for the beginning gymnast who is at least 4 years of age.  Gymnasts are introduced to basic skills on each of the following: vault, bars, balance beam, floor and trampoline.  Gymnasts are also introduced to strength and flexibility exercises.


(Ages 6-8)

This is the progression from Hot Tots. Gymnasts have shown interest, commitment and natural talent and have learned the basic gymnastics skills. This class trains twice a week for 1.5 hrs long.


(Ages 6-9)

Star Performers have surpassed the skills from the Hot Tots and Hot Shots programs. This class is the last step before joining the team. This group attends 2 days per week for 2 to 2.5 hrs and is committed to an all year round program.


If you would like to contact us to discuss opportunities for your child, please do so HERE.