Check with us for up to date Summer Information on Open Gyms!

Open Gym All Ages will be 10:30am – 12:30pm:

Monday, June 26th

Monday, July 3rd

Wednesday, July 3rd

Thursday, July 6th

GymWorld is CLOSED July 4th and Toddler OPEN GYM is Suspended from July 7 – August 17.

Toddler Open Gym up to age 6 – parent will stay with child.


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 – 12:30pm.

Friday is 11am-1pm.

Toddler Open Gym Price is $15 for one and $25 for 2 siblings. CASH OR CHECK ONLY

Frequent flyer punch card available for Toddlers. 10 visits for $100.

 Ages 6 and up Open Gym is on Sundays 9-11am

Yes! We have OPEN GYM all ages on Sunday, June 25th.

GymWorld is closed June 26 – July 10th except for open gym dates listed above.

$20 for one child, $30 for 2 (siblings only)

Parents please do not leave small children unattended.

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