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(20months up to 3 years)

Parent and child participate together in this movement exploration class. It is a wonderful way to introduce hand-eye coordination, motor skills and listening skills. Parents follow along with their child through age appropriate apparatus circuits training. This class is 45 minutes. Offered on Tues at 9:30am, and Saturday mornings at 10:15am .


(Age 3.5 years)

WOW! independence time.
At this class, little gymnast will learn to let go of the parental assistance and will continue to learn hand-eye coordination, motor and listening skills. Basic but a little more advance skills are introduced utilizing various size appropriate equipment and apparatus. One hour class is offered Monday, Tues, Thurs at 2:45pm, Tuesday and Friday at 10:30am, Wednesday 2:30pm, Friday at 3:45pm or on Saturdays at 9:00am or 10:00am


(Ages 4 & 5)

This class follows the same guidelines as our Unfettered Three’s, however children are introduced to more advance skills and apparatus. They are also introduced to some simple strength and flexibility exercises. Offered at 2:45 Monday, 2:30 Wednesday, 3:45pm on Friday and 9 or 10am Saturdays.

(Classes are on-going with billing every two months. To get started in classes there is a $49 annual fee. We don’t offer trials or drop-ins for classes. If you are looking for drop-in, try our Open Gym for Toddlers 10:30-12:30 on M/W/TH)